Opportunities for new orthodontists

With the strength of having the largest network of award-winning orthodontists comes an unmatched opportunity for new orthodontists at Smile Doctors: The chance to be mentored by experienced doctors who’ve been where you are and want to help you get where you want to go.

We will provide you a chance to learn the necessary skills to provide the best patient care and learn how to run a top-notch practice. We also offer competitive compensation, benefits, continuing education opportunities and much more.

In Their Words: How Smile Doctors Helps New Orthodontists

Dr. Tonya Volk, DMD, MS and Dr. Ryan Hurley, DMD

Dr. Josh Adcox, DDS

What we offer Doctors who join us:

  • Pathway to Partnership Opportunities
  • Patient-focused clinical systems
  • Clinical mentorship & coaching from partner doctors
  • C.E. opportunities
  • Business & administrative teaching and support
  • Comprehensive health care benefits & 401k
  • Competitive compensation
  • Long term collaboration and development opportunities for future de novo practices
  • A chance to be a part of the industry’s first, largest and fastest-growing network of leading practices, with a proven track record of learning and growing together.

What we look for in a Doctor:

  • Interested in a career path with pathway to ownership
  • Looking to learn in and contribute to a doctor-led and highly-collaborative environment
  • Excited to develop relationships in the community and grow as a practice and team leader

What we'll do, together


Lead the industry in patient experience and care, one extraordinary smile at a time.


Creating confident smiles to inspire the best in our patients, each other, and the communities we serve.


Do the right thing, especially when it is hard

  • Honor your commitments
  • Earn trust daily
  • Have courage to pave the way
  • Think and act like an owner
  • It’s okay to say “no” sometimes

Bring out the best in everyone

  • Put people first
  • Be curious
  • Break new ground
  • Express gratitude
  • Create better communities

Create Awesomeness

  • Celebrate each person’s awesomeness
  • Rockstar your role by achieving goals together
  • Challenge conventional thinking
  • Spread happiness

Opportunities for established orthodontists

We are changing lives one smile at a time. Every doctor and team member shares in creating what’s unique and special about the Smile Doctors affiliate network. Our support services team provides doctors the opportunity to focus on patient care, their practice team members, and the local community. Our people-first culture and strong support system allows all doctors to have an improved work-life balance.

In Their Words: Why Mid-Career Orthodontists Choose Smile Doctors

Dr. Jared Zwick, DDS, MS

Opportunities for Retiring Doctors: Locum Tenens Positions

Supporting our doctors’ desire for work/life harmony is a major priority, leading to an ongoing need for doctors who like the challenge and flexibility of the locum tenens  lifestyle along with our unique patient-first culture. Plus, we’re hungry to learn from experienced doctors who’ve built their careers on loving people first and straightening teeth second.

Contact Us for Doctor Opportunities

Tell us more about your interest in our available Orthodontist roles, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

If you are interested in other corporate or clinical roles, please visit smiledoctors.com/join-smile-doctors

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