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We are orthodontists who invest in orthodontists.

Being Independent Doesn't Need to Mean Going It Alone

Whether you’re fresh out of residency looking to forge ahead in your career or an established orthodontist running a highly successful practice, we understand the allure of staying independent—even as our industry rapidly consolidates.


We understand the challenges, too. Heavy administrative burdens, poor work/life balance, the significant costs to launch a practice or continue to grow one that’s already successful… these are just a few of the reasons so many orthodontists consider joining an OSO.


At Smile Doctors, we’ve cracked the code on balancing independence vs. affiliation. Let us show you how our “freedom within a framework” approach can help you achieve success—however you define it.

Why Smile Doctors

As the largest orthodontic service organization (OSO) in the U.S., our patient-first focus helps orthodontists do what they do best: care for patients. We’re on a mission to create confident smiles that inspire the best in our patients, each other, and the communities we serve.


We invest in your growth and your business.

We invest in you and your team members, plus we provide a best-in-class new affiliation onboarding process.


Enjoy an ownership stake with opportunity to grow.

Smile Doctors offers a proven equity model with an opportunity to grow.

Brand Identity

We’ll help you strengthen your brand.

You’ve worked hard to build your brand, and Smile Doctors will partner with you to grow it to its full potential.

Leadership & Continual Learning

We're a company founded by and led by orthodontists, dedicated to being a network of leaders.

Our business model provides unique opportunities to collaborate with and work alongside the industry’s best and brighest.


Our partners enjoy the latest cutting-edge technology to help them succeed.

Leverage Smile Doctors turnkey relationships with leading orthodontic technology providers and seamless end-to-end patient journey.

360° Support

Our team is your team when you partner with us.

From IT to HR to Finance and more, we support you and your team members.

How an OSO Can Help Your Practice

When you set out to become an orthodontist, you signed up for smiles. You wanted to help people. Yet, the business of orthodontics has changed—and is changing—in ways that have many doctors struggling with heavy administrative burdens, fragile work/life balance, the high costs of current technologies, never-ending cycles of keeping patients and employees happy—and sadly for many, isolation and decision fatigue.

With Smile Doctors, we’ve created a “freedom within a framework” model that exists to remove the burden of administrative tasks and help you do what you do best: treat patients. Meanwhile, we support you in whatever ways you need support. But don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our orthodontists about why they joined our network and how we’re helping them.


Founded by Orthodontists for Orthodontists

Our intention from day 1 was to lead our profession into the future. With our founding orthodontists still at the helm today, we’re a growing, thriving, and innovating orthodontic service organization, where doctors have an active, guiding role in everything we do. We support doctors, not manage them—to make consolidation work for you,​ not the other way around. We’re a people-first company that exists to nurture and support talented professionals who love people first, straighten teeth second.


Investing in Yourself and Your Business

For experienced orthodontists, joining our network allows you to tap into the resources and expertise of a strong and stable organization, where you’ll be surrounded by likeminded doctors who’ll be in your corner. We’ll help you to grow your orthodontic practice through access to cutting-edge technology and business support, continuing training on the latest treatment modalities, and best practices.

And for recent resident graduates, affiliating with Smile Doctors provides an opportunity to hit the ground running with a successful practice. You will have the support of experienced mentors and colleagues to guide you through the early stages of your career and help you to build a thriving practice.

For any orthodontist, affiliating with us helps you focus on providing top-notch orthodontic care—while leaving the business side of things to our dedicated support team.


Finding Orthodontist Jobs and Career Opportunities

If you want to be part of contributing to a culture of collaboration and growth, where you and your team members work alongside the best of the best to deliver unmatched care to our patients, we want to hear from you. We have a variety of orthodontist positions available including full-time, part-time, and locum tenens.

Orthodontic Students or Recent Grads

Our Pathway to Partner program provides a clear and structured direction for career advancement, from associate to partnership—created and owned by you, with support at every step.


Why some of the country's leading orthodontists chose Smile Doctors


What kind of company do we keep? Here's a look at the partnerships we've built over the years.

Leading orthodontists across the country are joining our network because of the “freedom in a framework” business model we provide. We empower them to work in the ways they want to work, and many are also educators at our nation’s most prestigious dental schools.




Our network grows more geographically diverse all the time, and with partners from such varied backgrounds, we’re challenging each other and our profession to new heights.


Locations (and counting)

Our unshakable passion for patient-first orthodontics is the engine driving our incredible team of award-winning professionals.



Our partners aren’t only the country’s leading orthodontists. Many are also current or former faculty members at top universities who are changing our profession in amazing ways.

We’re growing.

Learn more about the latest practices who’ve joined Smile Doctors network.

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